UTOPIA is Theater Mitu’s newest company-created work that examines how we collectively reimagine the future of our species. The piece will merge first-person interviews collected from NASA Astronauts and children ages 8-12 with intersections of performance and new media. This technology-driven work will use a live original score and machine learning generated media to interrogate past utopian models.

UTOPIA is intended to bridge arts practice with science and technology. In this moment, it is clearer than ever that the future of our planet, both environmentally and socio-politically, is in crisis. It is this reality that has driven Theater Mitu to engage in a wide range of conversations addressing the volatile, unstable, and complex world we live in to affirm the fragility of our planet and, subsequently, ourselves. This technology driven performance work will integrate a live original score with verbatim interviews from NASA Astronauts and children ages 8-12 about how we build our future, our utopia.  As Theater Mitu begins the thought experiment of imagining a more perfect future, we are struck by the discordancy of our increasingly machine-driven reality. With unprecedented amounts of data in our digital wakes, predictive algorithms and other forms of machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasingly making decisions on our behalf. Mitu’s continuous engagement with new media is based on our belief that juxtaposing live performers with technology reveals what is essentially human. Mitu company members will develop UTOPIA by amassing a large research archive containing a range of source material from science fiction narratives, to Thomas Moore, and the occult while focusing on these specific questions: What self-created or inherited systems limit our human potential? Do corollaries between Artificial Intelligence, Astronauts, and Children catalyze the recognition of humanity’s interconnectedness and an urgent need to build our future? Will humanity ever inhabit a planet other than earth and will this resolve or recreate our current global issues? It is these questions that will drive the creation of UTOPIA, making for a unique performance event investigating how we build meaningful community in the face of the unimaginable scale and scope of our planet.